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Energy performance contracting - EPC

Energy performance contracting is a contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the provider on measures improving energy efficiency, under which payment for an investment made by the provider is in relation to contractually agreed level of energy efficiency improvements or to another, agreed, criterion of energy performance, such as saving money. (Directive on the energy efficiency 2012/27/ (EED).

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) can provide significant energy savings in the EU countries, with the principle of repayment for investments in energy efficiency directly from cost savings for energy.



ENEPRO s. r. o. works closely with the Association of energy providers in Slovakia, abbreviated to APES – SK, which was founded on 25.08.2014.

Business activities of APES – SK:
  a) promoting the use of Energy Performance Contracting in the Slovak Republic in order to strengthen rational use of limited energy resources.
  b) representing and defending legitimate joint interests of energy service providers on the Slovak and European market – Energy Performance Contracting in the Slovak market,
  c) processing opinions and drafts of generally binding legal regulations, active participation in the creation of legal environment that supports the energy saving projects,
  d) preparing and promoting standards of provision and use of Energy Performance Contracting,
  e) taking care of creating a healthy and fair market competition between providers of energy services (EPC) on the Slovak market
  f) promoting Energy Performance Contracting in the public and private sector,
  g) promoting entrepreneurship in Energy performance contracting, including the provision of recommendations in related spheres – energy consultancy services, supplementary financing of EPC projects, public procurement, etc.,
  h) education and training activities in the field of energy saving.

ENEPRO s. r. o. uses the services of Energy Center Bratislava (ECB), non-governmental organization. Its activities focus on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

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